Solid Rubber Press-On Tires

The natural rubber compound gives low rolling resistance so that the press-on is suitable for battery electric and IC engined trucks.

Full-thickness precision steel bands help to protect the wheel from impact damage.

Natural rubber properties include greater chunk and tear resistance plus low heat build-up for cooler running.


  1. Tolerances on wheel diameter
    inch sizes: nominal rim diameter + 0.005″/-0″
    metric sizes: h11 according to ISO/R286
    surface roughness: Ra < 6.3µm
  2. The speeds quoted in the table are the maximum speeds of the unloaded vehicle. An increase in load capacity for lower speeds is not permitted.
  3. This category includes: -drive and steer wheels on other than counterbalanced forklift trucks -wheels on mobile cranes -free rolling wheels on trailers, up to a maximum distance of 2186 yds per journey. For longer distances and wheels fitted to rotary plants, please consult the technical department.
  4. Single trip applications. For Lo/Lo trailers, values of category “other vehicles” at appropriate speed should be taken.
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