Solid Rubber Press-On Tires

The natural rubber compound gives low rolling resistance so that the Solideal press-on is suitable for battery electric and IC engined trucks.

Full-thickness precision steel bands help to protect the wheel from impact damage.

Natural rubber properties include greater chunk and tear resistance plus low heat build-up for cooler running.

Resilient  Solid Tires

Solideal resilient solids are true value for the money.  Three stage construction absorbs shocks and gives maximum comfort to the driver.

The natural rubber compounds reduce heat build-up and increase chunk and tear resistance which gives a longer trouble-free life.  The deep lug tread pattern means greater traction and bigger footprint.

Extra  Deep Pneumatic Tires

The Extra Deep is specifically designed for heavy duty service. Full ply construction and thick sidewalls reduce the risks of punctures and accidental damage.

Deep lugs give optimum traction and longer tread life. The Extra Deep is also available in white non-marking compound.

Solideal SKS

Extra Wide Profile for a bigger footprint and higher flotation.

Extra Thick Sidewall gives added protection against damage and penetration.

Extra Deep Tread means better traction and longer tread life.

Extra Thick Undertread protects against flats.

Plus 100% natural compounds for greater tear and chunk resistance.

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